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The Event

Kauppakadun Appro is one of the largest student events in Finland in which participating students have a chance to graduate by partying hard!

Every participant will receive a map and a diploma ('study record'). The diploma is for collecting stamps ('credits') by visiting and having a drink in different downtown bars and restaurants which are shown on the map. There’s a free entrance to all of the participating bars, and the drinks have a fixed, reduced price everywhere.

This study tour will culminate in the after party held in Paviljonki, Jyväskylä Congress Centre. After completing the degree and before entering Paviljonki, participants need to have their 'study records' evaluated and they will receive a badge upon successful completion of their studies.


We are selling all the tickets of Kauppakadun Appro online via Liveto. Purchasing your own ticket is simple: after you've ordered your ticket in the webstore, you pay the ticket straight in your own online bank. After the payment you'll receive your ticket by e-mail. So make sure you have given the correct e-mail address! Before the the event, print your ticket and remember to take it with you in the big day, when we'll change it to the official Appro-wristband.


Group ticket sale starts on Wednesday 7.9.2022 at 10:00 and ends on Sunday 11.9.2022 at 23:59. The minimum amount of group ticket order is 10 tickets, maximum 60 tickets. Tickets are payed in online or by Collector-paying method. Please noticed when purchasing a large amount of tickets, it may take a while to receive your order, so please be patient!


Single ticket sale starts on Tuesday 13.9.2022 at 10.00 AM. The maximum purchase of single tickets is 3 tickets. Please notice the paying instructions above.


Participants begin their 'studies' at the Lutakko harbour. The first start is at 16:00 and the last one is at 19:00. Participants must start at the time which is written in their ticket and preferably arrive at the sports field well before that. An official ID (passport, driver’s license etc. - not a student card!) is also required and will be checked upon starting. The age limit for the event is 18 years.

Bars and restaurants

All the venues prefer cash payment since card payment is slower and the event gathers thousands of participants. Stamps ('credits') for the diplomas can be asked from the bartenders or from the cloakroom staff in the official bars and restaurants.

Study requirements (Degrees)

The study requirements (required ‘credits’) for Kauppakadun Appro are the following for each degree:

Approbatur: 8 stamps
Cum laude: 11 stamps
Laudatur: 14 stamps
Tohtori (Doctor): 17 stamps
Übertohtori (Über Doctor)*: 19 stamps
* The epic, honorable degree of the Über Doctor can be completed only after a participant has successfully completed a Doctor’s degree in the previous year!